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Balticbest organisers will submit the Gold and Grand Prix winning entries to EPICA and Eurobest festivals free of charge. So it is fair to say that we offer entry to three festivals for the price of one.”

The Balticbest 2019 award competition is open for entries from small European countries (population less than 5 million).


Good parties don’t make up for a boring festival. Nor do good presentations. It`s a mix of both that makes it an experience to remember. It`s about having fun and gaining insight you can profit from in the future.

Balticbest 2019 connects friends and finds mutual benefits. An event where to meet, learn and spend some quality time. But also leaving with a real benefit - whether it`s a new friend, a new piece of knowledge or (if you’re lucky) an award.

We’ll meet on August 30th in Tallinn. Tallinn, similarly to the Baltics, is a small community where everybody knows everybody. We see this as a huge advantage, because good advice, new business or just a friendly chat is always just minutes away.

Instead of listening to marketing experts` presentations, we’ll have the chance to step inside their shoes and visit them in their natural workplace, thus gaining insight about their challenges, ideas and the company’s overall structure. And finally the cherry on the top - a superb party and award gala full of excellent food, drinks, laughs, awards and hopefully - new friends. All making up for a truly eventful last Friday of August.


Meet the leaders, discuss marketing, look around, make new friends (with benefits) The tour bus will take you and approx 30 other Baltic marketers to four hand-picked exciting Estonian companies. You can choose between 3 tours


TOUR NO 1 - sold out!

10.15 - 11.45 Bolt (ex-Taxify) - The most famous Estonian company in the World!

Read the interview with Karin Kase, PR manager (CEE markets) at Bolt HERE

But for the ones who need reminding - Bolt is the leading European transportation platform providing ride-hailing and scooter sharing services. The company’s mission is to make urban travel easier, quicker and more reliable. It was founded by Markus Villig and launched in 2013. It’s one of the fastest-growing transportation platforms in the world that has more than 25 million users in over 30 countries globally.

Bolt_Karin Kase_BalticBest2019 from Best Marketing on Vimeo.

12.00 - 13.30 Rataskaevu 16 - Number one restaurant in Tallinn according Tripadvisor

What makes one restaurant worth coming back to? Is it the quality of the service or cosy atmosphere? Is it their fresh, imaginative cuisine or home-made delicious artisan bread? How to make a restaurant experience that memorable that the customers feel the need to share their emotions with others? And can this formula of success be repeated? 

The owner Rain Tunger will share his views on creating the best customer experience.

13.45 - 15.15 Velvet - The coolest agency in Tallinn

Read the interview with Janno Siimar, Velvet Design Lead & Partner HERE

Velvet is an independent strategic agency with 35 employees. They say they are the first empathy-first design agency in the world. Come to see what does that statement means and how to become the most awarded design agency in Estonia. Their clients include Estonian National Museum, SEB Bank, Sportland, Ericsson, NATO, Danske Bank, Estonian Defence Industry, NOW! Innovations, Viru Keskus, Tallinn University of Technology, Government Office of Estonia,Elering, Sportland, Starman, Novira Capital, Teleport, Enterprise Estonia, Skype, Bank of Estonia, Vital Fields and many others.

Velvet_Janno Siimar_BalticBest2019 from Best Marketing on Vimeo.


15.30 - 17.00 La Muu ice cream company - The coolest Estonian non-tech startup

Read the interview with Rasmus Rask, CEO of La Muu HERE

La Muu is the leading Estonian organic ice cream brand. Since starting in 2012, La Muu has achieved a 22% market share in the 0.5l ice cream tub segment in Estonia while being pricier than most of the competitors. La Muu products are made of 100% organic produce which makes them ridiculously tasty! Besides delicious icecreams it’s the skillful communication that brought La Muu their success.  No matter if it’s the packaging, Facebook post or print ad - the style and tone of voice is always spot on. La Muu seems always so cool and authentic, is liked by everyone without losing their own personality. What’s their secret recipe for success?

LaMuu_Rasmus Rask_BalticBest2019 from Best Marketing on Vimeo.


TOUR NO 2- few tickets left!  

10.15 - 11.45 Telia Estonia - The leading mobile telco in Estonia   

Read the interview with Telia Estonia marketing director Ranno Pajuri HERE

Telia Estonia is one of the biggest advertisers in the country. Their marketing team members will share their view on marketing management, how to work with agencies and how to stay the leader of technology market that changes in such a fast pace. Last year Telia announced that they’ll start to do their own media planning - what changes does it bring to the whole media market?

Telia Eesti_Ranno Pajuri_BalticBest 2019 from Best Marketing on Vimeo.

12.00 - 13.30 Baltic Station Market - The hippest retail space in Talinn

The new Balti Jaama Turg (Baltic Station Market in English) is loved by all the locals. It’s a unique universal market in Estonia where people can buy and sell food, manufactured goods, antiques and much more. There are almost 300 different merchants and shops at the market. Trading takes place on three different levels and in the kiosks and stands outside the buildings. Balti Jaama Turg shows how to unite shops from different centuries and styles under one roof. Not only did it prove the new way of shopping instead of immense supermarkets it also gave a new breathing to the neighborhood.

13.45 - 15.15 Tallinn Airport - The best airport in Europe

Tallinn Airport is not the biggest airport in the world, but it definitely is the most comfortable one. Named after the late president Lennart Meri, it serves as a hub for the national airline Nordica, as well as the secondary hub for AirBaltic and LOT Polish Airlines. According to the passengers, Tallinn Airport is the best airport in Europe in the category of airports with up to five million passengers, which is why it was awarded Airport Service Quality Award 2018 by Airports Council International (ACI). 

15.30 - 17.00 Põhjala Brewery - The flagship of Estonian microbreweries

Põhjala Brewery was founded in 2011 by four Estonian beer enthusiasts and home brewers. Põhjala currently exports to over 30 markets around the world and to almost every country in Europe. They say they put most of the effort to product development and less to communication and marketing. How do they still stay relevant and in picture in an industy that is highly competitive?

Põhjala_Enn Parel_BalticBest2019 from Best Marketing on Vimeo.


TOUR NO 3 - few tickets left!  

10.15 - 11.45 Pipedrive - One of the most successful startups in Europe

Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes. Founded in 2010, Pipedrive software is used by 85,000 companies around the World today. Their cool office, strong organizational culture and mission has made them one of the most desirable place to work in Estonia.

12.00 - 13.30 Apollo + O’Learys Ülemiste - The biggest entertainment company in Estonia

In 2016, Apollo won The Global Service Design award. Apollo has revolutionized the Estonian entertainment industry. All the 16 book stores, 9 cinemas (also 1 in Latvia and soon 1 in Lithuania) and 3 restaurants are all connected which ensures a new quality of experience for customers. Apollo Group is a good example how to expand a business without losing focus. 

13.45 - 15.15 SEB Bank - The bank that puts the customer first

With more than 1000 workers, SEB is one of the biggest banks in Estonia. Troughout the years it has proven over and over to be trustworthy and to keep up with the changes in customers needs. SEB does most of their marketing and communication in-house, also leading the way towards the the pan-Baltic marketing. Come and see how does it all come to real life!

15.30 - 17.00 Liviko - The home of legendary Vana Tallinn

Read the Interview with Gloria Hallaste (Curator) and Jörgen Herman (Export Director) at Liviko Distillery HERE

Founded in 1898, Liviko is Estonia’s national producer of quality alcohol and the leading alcohol company that operates in all three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Liviko currently exports its products to 40 countries. Their products Vana Tallinn, Viru Valge and Crafters Gin have a special place in every Estonian’s heart. Come to Liviko to see where the famous drinks are made and how to keep a brand relevant troughout centuries.



WHEN? 30/08/2019 19:00 - 01:00

WHERE? KÄRBES Kitchen&Bar(Telliskivi 60a-9)

We think conferences shouldn’t be all fun and games. Of course, they can be. But they’re also for gaining some kind of a benefit, something useful that you can put into practice.

Believe it or not, it’s the same with partying. Don’t get us wrong: parties should definitely be fun! But we want to offer something extra. Something you can bring home with you afterwards: whether it’s a new experience, contact or even an award. That's why this year we are connecting friends with benefits - come to (re)connect with your friends from all over the Baltics and leave with an actual benefit.

The evening consists of two parts.

The gala starts with John Gordillo stand up show and continues with award ceremony. John Gordillo is a British stand up comedian that likes to joke about the weird and wonderful life of marketing. We believe taking yourself too seriously can be dangerous. So let’s be friendly instead.

In the cecond part of the evening you can expect cozy amosphere, good food, drinks and company. This is the time to relax, laugh, make some new connections and celebrate with the winners. Liisi Voolaid, a very talented Estonian DJ, sets the mood for the night.



  1. Lisa Careborg, Creative Director and Partner, Happy Forsman & Bodenfors  (SWE) - JURY PRESIDENT

  2. Magnus Luzhkov, Founder and CEO at Optimist Group (EST)

  3. Jani Niipola, Editor at Markkinointi & Mainonta (FIN)

  4. Andris Rubins, Managing Director at DDB Latvia (LAT)

          Read interview with Andris Rubins HERE
  5. Jurate Zuolyte, Editor at Delfi.lt/ 360.lt  (LIT)

  6. Davor Bruketa, Creative Director and Owner at Bruketa & Zinic & Grey  (CRO)

  7. Dasha Karpilovich, Head Of Marketing at Huawei Consumer Business Group (Baltics)
          Red interview with Dasha Karpilovich HERE

  8. Annija Mezhgaile, Managing Director at Latvian Art Directors Club (LAT)

  9. Aurimas Preilauskas, Creative Director of Ad Fingers (LIT)




Small countries share similar challenges: small budgets, small agency teams, promotion-oriented marketing campaigns. We believe it is fair to compete against agencies from similar markets, bearing in mind, small countries can produce really BIG IDEAS. This is why we invite all participants from small Europeans countries with population Under 5 million.

All Balticbest 2019 Gold and Grand Prix winning entries will be submitted to EPICA and Eurobest festivals free of charge. Meaning winners will be granted with an entry to three festivals for the price of one.

Extended submission deadline was August 22, 2019 at 23:59.

Shortlists will be published on August 27, 2019.

The winners will be announced at Balticbest Awards in the evening of August 30, 2019.

Read more about competition and send your works: http://defol.io/balticbest/2019



The price 199€ (+VAT 20%) includes company visits + gala + afterparty. 

The gala price is 79€ (+VAT 20%).

Register to gala HERE or write [email protected] 

Balticbest competition fee in all categories is 125€ (+VAT 20%)


If your company is interested presenting its products or services during bus tours or gala, please contact us: [email protected]






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