Certified Scrum Product Owner

Kestus: 16 academic hours

Vana-Lõuna 39/1, Tallinn

The Certified Scrum Product Owner Training is a 2-day workshop that introduces the concepts of agility using the Scrum approach. After completing the course, participants will become Certified Scrum Product Owners (CSPO). Scrum Product Owners are responsible for building systems, creating new product releases, or any other complex business project in an agile operating model.

Scrum is an iterative and incremental framework for developing and maintaining complex products according to Agile principles. At Scrum, the development team delivers high-quality, productive functionality at the end of each Sprint, creating the agility needed to meet rapidly changing requirements.

The Scrum think tank challenges its users to focus on continuous improvement, and its sprints create the persistence needed to deliver results in an environment where needs are constantly changing.

These features have led to Scrum becoming the world's most popular reference framework for agile software production - and its use is constantly being expanded to new areas.

Target audience: The course is suitable for individuals who are product owners, business owners, business developers, clients (development commissioners) or eg product managers - and want to expand their skills at Scrum.

The results of the training: After your Certified Scrum Product Owner training, you will be familiar with the Scrum Framework so you can control how it is used in practice. This course will introduce you to Scrum and Agile thinking and practice so you can start working as a Scrum product owner.

Length: 16 academic hours

The prerequisite for issuing the certificate is full participation in training.

The training topics and description:

  • Expectations of the product owner

o    Agile manifesto, principles and practices

o    Why does the agile approach work?

o    Success stories

o    Pitfalls

  • Scrum basics

o    Zen of scrum

o    Scrum values

o    Empirical process control

o    Activities and artefacts

o    Scrum flow

o    Definition of done

  • Roles and responsibilities

o    Product Owner

o    Self-organizing and self-managing team

o    ScrumMaster

  • Product vision

o    Why do we need the product vision?

o    Qualities of the vision

o    Business Case

o    Techniques to create the vision

o    Roadmaps

  • Product backlog

o    User stories

o    Augmenting user stories

o    Acceptance criteria and acceptance test-driven development

o    Product backlog refinement

  • Estimating

o    Accuracy, precision, size, duration

o    Multiple levels

  • Prioritization

o    The right size for prioritization

o    Prioritization techniques

o    Risks and dependencies

o    Formal techniques

  • Release management

o    Goal

o    Adaptive, iterative, collaborative

o    Technical debt

o    Release early and often

o    Release plan

  • Sprints

o    Product Owner’s role

o    Product Owner in Scrum meetings

o    Working together

o    Tracking

o    Sprint termination

  • Scrum in large projects

o    Enterprise-level Scrum

o    Product owners’ team

o    Scrum of Scrums meetings

o    Geographically distributed Scrum

  • EXTRA: Scrum and organizations

o    Agile & lean organizations and agile governance

o    Contracts and acquisition

o    Working with traditional organizations

  • Summary


Pentti Virtanen

Tieturi OY koolitaja
Practical software engineering projects since 1981
• Software developer
• Project manager, line manager
• Software process engineer
• Trainer in Tieturi from 2003

• Ph. D. in Computer Science (Thesis: ”Measuring and improving component-based software development”)
Areas of expertise:
• Development of software development methodologies and processes
• Measurement, productivity, agility
• Objects and components
• Project management, analysis, design, programming
• Certified Scrum Trainer

Nokia collaboration
• Training and material development: UNA, Technical Architecture, Architecture Management, Lyra, Technology management
• Software engineering process development (2000-2001)
10.-11.09.2020 Certified Scrum Product Owner
1390 €
1668 € km-ga
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8.-9.12.2020 Certified Scrum Product Owner
1390 €
1668 € km-ga
Osalejate arv:
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