Next 3 months’ Webinars


12.05.2021 - 21.07.2021


You are invited to an interactive private class in Dr. Elder’s trading room.  Log in from your computer and follow Dr. Elder as he reviews current markets.  Learn his decision-making process — where and when to buy or sell short, set price targets and stops.  Ask him to analyze stocks or futures that interest you (preferably email ahead of the class).


An exclusive additional feature:  every weekend Dr. Elder scans all the component stocks of the S&P500 using his Semi-Automatic MACD Divergence Scanner as well as Force Index Extremes Scanner.  He then visually reviews all the automatic finds and marks those that look attractive to him.  Only webinar participants receive those lists, along with brief market comments every Sunday.

Each monthly webinar consists of two sessions, usually a week apart.  Each session begins with a review of 14 key international markets, followed by 11 US industry super-groups, followed by the key US indexes.  After analyzing them Dr. Elder summarizes his findings, delivers his current market outlook and turns his attention to specific stocks, indexes and futures requested by webinar participants.

You receive answers:  there is a a vast difference between general public meetings and these private webinars.  Public presentations may have hundreds of persons, but here you receive individual attention.  We keep the number of participants small, to allow you to communicate directly with Dr. Elder.


  • 129 euros per webinar (two sessions, including their recordings)
  • 321 euros for three month (save 66 euros)
  • VAT (20%) will be added to the prices

Dr. Alexander Elder

Dr. Elder grew up in Estonia and graduated from Tartu University. He escaped from a Soviet ship in Africa and received political asylum in the USA. Prior to becoming a private trader, he taught at Columbia University.
Dr. Elder’s books have established him as one of the most recognized teachers of traders in the world. In addition to a wealth of knowledge, he brings great personal warmth and teaching ability. Dr. Elder has spoken at conferences in Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, UK, Ukraine, USA, and many other countries. He founded two firms: (an educational company for traders) and (an online group whose members compete for the best trades of the week).

Dr. Elder lives in Vermont, USA. He is multilingual but will deliver his presentation in English.
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