The Art of Reacting to Leadership Challenges 29.10.2019

Your road to presence and impact where it counts

29. oktoober 2019 - 31. oktoober 2019

Kestus: 3 päeva

Äripäeva Akadeemia, Vana-Lõuna 39/1, Tallinn

Dear Business Leader, You have been around long enough to know that success is not just caused by brilliant ivory-tower decisions, but also by how you interact with people every day, every hour, every minute. There is always a demand on you to clarify Why, How and What. And then there is your decision how to communicate (or not). And then people react to you in ways you like or dislike. And then there is your reaction to them. Did you know that a large part of your credibility as a leader lies in how you react to obstruction or support, to praise or criticism, to success or failure?

During this 3-day course you will be part of a small and intense peer training team. You will disassemble, analyse and reassemble your leadership communication habits and reactions. You will keep, enhance or discard some of your habits. The decision is yours. You will consciously create new skills necessary to ensure empathetic, focused and productive responses to both normal and challenging situations. You will add skills! Skills of proaction and a precious set of skills in the Art of Reaction!

After this training, leadership will be a lot less irritating. It will be easier for you and your team to focus on important things.


Some training objectives

  • How to create and maintain a really contributive atmosphere?
  • How to crystallise and formulate your actual intent?
  • How to deliver understandable and convincing messages?
  • How to delegate sensibly and in a way that it doesn’t bounce back?
  • How to listen for understanding without getting drowned in nonsense?
  • How to ask questions that solve problems instead of creating them?
  • How to turn negativity and nasty attacks into positive contributions?

Training benefits include

  • reduced time period between identifying company challenges and actionable solution;
  • more sovereign leadership behaviour in both normal and challenging situations;
  • increased ability to move employees from the passenger to the driver‘s seat;
  • enhanced harmony between what you personally think, say and express;
  • increased clarity and confidence concerning your different leadership roles;
  • increased team play and a more energising competition / collaboration ratio.

Structural timetable

08:30-09:45 workshop
09:45-10:15 break
10:15-12:00 workshop
12:00-13:00 lunch
13:00-15:00 workshop
15:00-15:30 break
15:30-17:30 workshop

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Kristina Zarina
Finance Director at Latvijas Loto

Thomas course on leadership and communication is completely different from any other courses I have ever attended. Nothing to do with general boring theory. Interesting, practical, useful, shakes you out of your everyday routine. Thomas considers individual skills and competences and builds up all training process around your identified opportunities for development, ensuring that everyone improves on communication and leadership. So if you still think what course to choose to master your competences, this is the one you should definitely consider.


Kristaps Silins
CEO at McCANN Riga

It’s the perfect training for people who hate trainings. I spent three days taking the course and was only bored for around 20 minutes. Which is amazing considering that people these days tend to have an attention span of a goldfish. The theoretical part gives at least five useful tools to use in the everyday life as a CEO and Thomas is excellent at making the learnings stick.


Thomas Bothe

Thomas Bothe is a former CEO and self-employed training designer. For 18+ years his focus has been in the area where four subjects meet: leadership, communication, team-spirit and mindfulness. He is a master at transporting everyday leadership communication challenges into trainable exercises. Acting on behalf of consultant companies and networks throughout Europe, his typical clients are CxOs and management teams looking for improved internal coherence and impact where it counts.

08:30 - 17:30

08:30 - 17:30

08:30 - 17:30

08:30 - 17:30

8:30 - 17:30

8:30 - 17:30

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