PRINCE2 Foundation & PRINCE2 Practitioner kombineeritud kursus

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PRINCE2 is one of the world’s most widely used project management methods. Based on best practice, the method can be applied to any project irrespective of its size, industry sector, geographic location or culture.


This course provides a definitive understanding of PRINCE2. We cover its four integrated components:

  • Principles
  • Themes
  • Processes
  • Project environment

We also look at management roles required in a PRINCE2 project and what management products must be created to ensure the project is delivered in a coordinated, consistent and transparent manner.

Using elements from QA's Performance-Based Learning approach, we help you to not only know PRINCE2, but also apply and tailor it for your projects. The course has been designed by award-winning instructional designers to ensure that it provides an interactive and engaging introduction to PRINCE2. Our experienced PRINCE2 experts explain the method through a wide range of individual and group exercises, case-study application, learning games and practice exam questions.

Target audience:Project managers, team leaders, and anyone aspiring to such a role - especially learners whom also need to continue day-to-day working commitments.

In result of the training participants:

  • At Foundation level, demonstrate that you understand and can recall the various components of the PRINCE2 method.
  • At Practitioner level, demonstrate that you can apply and tailor the PRINCE2 method to a real project.
  • Explain and apply the PRINCE2 principles.
  • Explain the purpose of the seven PRINCE2 themes and describe how they are applied to a project.
  • Describe each step of the PRINCE2 journey, explaining the activities required to guide a project throughout its lifecycle.
  • Create the recommended PRINCE2 management products which include baselines, records and reports.

Prerequisites to the course (recommended): There are no formal prerequisites for this course but learners would benefit from some experience of working in projects prior to attendance.

Length: 40 academic hours

The training topics and description:

Days 1 and 2 of the course focus on the components of the method, with days 3 to 5 addressing how the method might be applied and tailored to a real-life project. Delegates should note that evening work will be assigned, which is not expected to exceed three hours per night.

Specific course content will include:

PRINCE2 Overview

The structure of the method and the guide will be introduced before we discuss the context within which a PRINCE2 project operates.


The seven PRINCE2 principles provide the framework for managing the project and are built on good practice developed from successful and failed projects.


The seven PRINCE2 themes are aspects of the project that must be continually addressed and integrated as the project journeys through its life cycle.

  • Business case
  • Organisation
  • Quality
  • Plans
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Progress


The seven PRINCE2 processes encompass the chronological activities that are required to direct, manage and deliver the project successfully. The activities include pre-project, initiation and delivery, and end with project closure.

  • Starting up a Project
  • Directing a Project
  • Initiating a Project
  • Controlling a Stage
  • Managing Product Delivery
  • Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Closing a Project

Examination details

  • Duration: 60 minutes (Foundation); 150 minutes (Practitioner)
  • Questions (OTQ): 60 (Foundation); 68 (Practitioner – scenario based)
  • Pass mark: 55% (Foundation and Practitioner)
  • Use of textbook: No (Foundation); yes (Practitioner)
  • Timing: End of Day 2 (Foundation); end of Day 5 (Practitioner)

PRINCE2® is a [registered] trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

The Swirl logo™ is a trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.


The training price also includes:
teaching materials;
a trainer's consultation on the topics learned by e-mail after the training;


You can participate in the training with the Unemployment Insurance Fund training card.

See you at the training!


Mark Perrin

Client feedback
“Mark was brilliant - he was engaging and brought the materials to life and used our experience and his anecdotes to illustrate everything and make it very memorable”
“Mark was outstanding, really knowledgeable and made the course interesting and fun, with a good amount of interaction within the class (without putting anyone on the spot!)”
“Mark Perrin was the trainer and I would like to pass on that he was excellent. It is without doubt a challenging course but his use of personal experiences in subject context made it much easier to understand. Very knowledgeable and great sense of humour!”
“Couldn't fault Mark, he had an engaging way about him which in turn, kept me engaged. He answered any questions in an informative manner, and delivered the training in a way that allowed the information to sink in.”

Specialist areas
• Prince2 project management – Mark has delivered many Prince2 training events, with a great success rate on delegate examination passes. Additionally, Mark has run many short courses on the essentials of running small projects.
• APM – Mark holds an APM PMQ qualification, and delivers 2 and 3 day APM PFQ courses
• Professional development – Mark has designed and delivered courses on topic areas including management development, effective leadership, managing difficult conversations, and effective performance management.
• Personal development – Mark’s experience covers topics such as personal effectiveness, assertiveness, and communication skills.

Qualifications and professional membership
• Prince2 2017 Practitioner

Industry experience
QA Prince2 and APM Trainer - As a Project Management trainer, Mark leads groups through the Prince2 journey or APM, giving practical advice along the way, and a focus on examination techniques. Delegate feedback shows that he is effective in making the content manageable, and he uses enthusiasm and energy in delivery.
Peabody Group, Barnet Homes - In his role as a Learning & Development Business Partner in two London housing associations, Mark gained experience in helping teams to achieve their strategies through the application of targeted learning and development.
Capita Learning & Development - As a Learning & Development consultant, Mark worked with clients including Home Office, FCO, HM Treasury, Environment Agency, Northern Trust, European Medicines Agency, VW Group, Channel 4, and TfL. The role involved assessing client’s needs, designing courses, and delivering to audiences ranging from apprentices to company directors. Mark gained the ability to adapt quickly to a client’s needs, and to talk in their language.
Pilat Media - As an Implementation Consultant, Mark worked with overseas clients in Brazil, the USA, and Australia. The role involved helping business analysts communicate effectively with clients, and training users on the use of the software that Pilat produced. Due to the international clients, this role helped Mark develop his communication skills to become focussed, clear, and concise.
ITV - During a 10 year career with ITV, Mark started out selling airtime to advertising agencies, and progressed to designing, delivering, and owning the training and development of ITV Commercial’s staff.
12.-16.09.2022 PRINCE2 Foundation & PRINCE2 Practitioner kombineeritud kursus
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