Cybersecurity e-course, Part II

Practical cybersecurity in various smart devices

Cybersecurity e-course, Part II
Cybersecurity e-course, Part II
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No matter how carefully we keep our devices connected to the network, emails, messages and web pages that contain malware or phishing will inevitably find their way to us. Therefore, it is important to know how to set up and use our devices securely.

In this follow-up cybersecurity e-course, you will learn how to keep your smart devices and social media accounts safe from cyber threats.  

The e-course consists of practical guidelines that can be applied immediately to ensure your own and your device's security in the cyber world.

The course is suitable for individuals from any field of activity and is available for purchase by both individual learners and employers for their teams.

The e-course consists of six chapters and learning exercises:

  1. Software update and antivirus
  2. Malware, social manipulation, and phishing
  3. Theft of device
  4. Multi-factor authentication
  5. Secure connections
  6. Use of cloud solutions

Completing each part takes 5-10 minutes, and you can study at a convenient time and location on a smart device equipped with the Internet. The e-course can be used unlimited times within one year and is intended for personal use only. After completing the purchase, access information will be sent to you by email within one business day. Then you can start your learning journey.

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As a result of the e-course, the participant:

  • knows what software updates and antivirus protection are;
  • can recognize phishing attempts and knows how to protect themselves against them;
  • knows how to respond to social media account hijacking incidents;
  • can protect data in case of theft;
  • understands the basics of secure data communication;
  • knows how to securely store data in the cloud.

Upon request, a certificate will be provided to those who have successfully completed the course. The certificate will be issued on the condition of full participation in the online course and achieving the learning outcomes.

Learning through an e-course is a great opportunity to train your team simultaneously, as employees can choose when they study, and thanks to short learning bites, it does not require complex time planning. By selecting the e-course for the entire team, we will provide the manager with an overview of the team's progress in the course. If your company has more than 100 employees, please request a personalized offer at [email protected].


The author of the e-course is Thea Sogenbits, a professional in the field of business cybersecurity. She specializes in creating secure business models and planning sustainable processes. Thea advises organizations on product planning, cybersecurity strategy, incident response, and overall security planning for the organization.


Thea Sogenbits

Cybersecurity e-course, Part II
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