Cybersecurity e-course

How to increase cyber security at home, in the office and while teleworking?

Cybersecurity e-course
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The level of cybersecurity is currently at an unprecedentedly high level. Security risks are not related to programs and machines, but to people. With this interactive course, you will learn about data protection, secure authentication and how to avoid phishing messages.

Cyber​​security is up to you and is certainly not just an IT specialist’s problem. Everyone is responsible for their data leaks and security risks. Bring the knowledge of cybersecurity for all your employees to a safe level at once.


The e-course consists of five learning bites and a knowledge test

PART 1: Cybersecurity and Authentication

PART 2: Cookies and calendar invitations

PART 3: Social manipulation and phishing

PART 4: Secure handling of data and devices

PART 5: Remote work

PART 6:Knowledge test


Completing each part takes 5-10 minutes and can be done at a convenient time and location on a smart device equipped with the Internet. The e-course is available for one year and is for personal use. After making the purchase, we will send access information by e-mail within one working day, and the learning can begin.

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The e-course is suitable for everyone, regardless of the field of activity, and is available for purchase for both individual learners and employers for their teams.


Upon completion of the e-course and successful completion of the tests, the participant:

  • can recognize cyber threats such as malware, phishing and social manipulation;
  • knows how to avoid threats in the cyber world and how to act correctly in case of them;
  • knows how to create secure passwords and knows how to keep them;
  • knows secure authentication methods;
  • can choose a suitable virtual environment for secure data processing;
  • knows the dangers associated with connecting a foreign device;
  • knows the dangers of virtual remote work and how to make it safe.


Learning bites is an excellent way to train your team simultaneously because the employee chooses the learning time, and learning bites do not require complicated time planning.

When choosing an e-course for the whole team, we send the manager an overview of the results and the team's advancement in the course.

If the company has more than 100 employees, ask for a personal offer [email protected]


The author of the e-course

The author of the e-course is Thea Sogenbits, who is a business security expert in the cyber world. She helps create secure business models and plan sustainable processes. Thea advises organizations on product planning, cybersecurity planning, incident management and organizational security planning.

Cybersecurity e-courseNaN €
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